Why do i have cellulite on my legs

Sick of cellulite - why do legs after childbirth

Once on the skin the first signs of orange peel, they do not cause discomfort. Does that seem yet small tubercles rather unattractive.

Some women, however, faced with the fact that cellulite hurts. To find out why this is so, it is necessary to elaborate the stage of the disease, as well as to find out the cause of discomfort.


The definition of cellulite sounds like a pathological structural change in the subcutaneous fat layer, leading to stagnant processes – the violation of lymphatic drainage and microcirculation. In medicine it is called in scientific terms «lipodystrophy» or «lipoclean».

There are four stages of development of the defect:

  1. In the primary stage there is only a small stagnant fluid, which manifests itself in a slight puffiness and sagging skin. The problem is still invisible, so often ignored. But it can be solved by correcting the diet and increasing physical activity.
  2. Then connective fibers thicken, worsening the outflow of lymph and blood circulation. The skin becomes less elastic and after pressing a finger on the surface for a few seconds leave a dent. The roughness is already clearly visible to the naked eye and detectable.
  3. In the third stage formed the orange peel – solid nodular seal. The veils lose their sensitivity for a long time warm up from lack of blood, which cannot pass through the squeezed vessels. Fat begins to be deposited on other parts of the body.

Physical exercise is ineffective as muscle tissue too coarse, ceases to fully shrink and it is difficult to tone.

  1. For the fourth form it is characterized by bumps, grooves, ruts, blueness of the skin, severe swelling, muscle atrophy, because all changes and violations of progressing. Even minor injuries or simple pressure experience swelling.

If the fatty layer to shrink, there is a pronounced discomfort. Such a running process, when it’s cellulite often develops on the buttocks, legs, or abdomen. More rarely on the upper arms, knees and shins.

Causes of pain

  • Adipose tissue is formed from a fixed number of slices, the number of which throughout life is not changed.
  • They consist of round cells called adipocytes, surrounded by collagen fibers and blood capillaries.
  • The contents of the ball – this is the fat, the excess of which causes the cell to grow to the critical size.
  • Then starts the process of reproduction, causing the number of adipocytes in lobules of tissue dramatically increases.
  • As a result, they peredelyvayut capillaries, impairing circulation and the flow of nutrients and removal of toxic compounds.

Over time, swelling, nodes, and scarring. Fibrous tissue more compacted, harden. The outside skin looks uneven, covered with hard tubercles. With precision the causes of pathological proliferation of cells is not established.

It is considered that it is affected from the combination of several factors:

  • bad heredity;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • improper diet and systematic overeating;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • the slagging of the body;
  • endocrine diseases (diabetes mellitus, thyroid dysfunction or adrenal glands);
  • frequent stress and nervous overstrain.

It is important to understand that pain is not the cellulite, but loses oxygen and the nutrition of the tissue and vessels. The pain in most cases is a symptom of any disease occurred on the background of structural changes in the fat cells.

If you experience any discomfort, be sure to consult a specialist to rule out other health problems, including hormonal and endocrine disorders.

Is this dangerous

If there is pain, then the cellulite has moved into the fourth stage. Which is dangerous, as fully impaired blood flow in the pathological area.

This leads to the development of:

  • varicose – thinning of the vascular walls and the formation of nodes;
  • thrombophlebitis – clot formation and inflammation of veins.

Significantly impaired quality of life, a woman constantly feels pain, heaviness in legs, fatigue even after short walks, strong tension. To overcome the running changes of adipose tissue is rather difficult, but possible. It is important not to lower hands and to use all available methods.

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Should I go to the doctor

Identify the cellulite in its early stages is impossible. Even the doctor is not able to determine at a glance that there is a problem. The bumps are formed by squeezing the skin between thumb and forefinger, it may be the first symptom of the disease.

But such a reaction is in a healthy female the skin that is caused by the typical structure of connective tissue.

With confidence about the presence of cellulite say when without simani are present bumps and dents.

Diagnosis is carried out on modern equipment using computer technology. When the process starts, it can stop a balanced diet, exercise and massage.

What to do when cellulite hurts

First, you need to completely rethink and change the way of life:

  • to balance the diet. To enter in the daily menu more fresh fruits, vegetables, greens, natural juices, cereals. Instead of bread made from wheat flour to eat trubnye products. Completely eliminate fatty meats, sausages, smoked, sugar, chocolate, fast food. Useful food boiled, steamed, in the oven;
  • to get rid of the habit of snacking on the go. There are often 5-6 times a day but in small portions. At the same time we should not adhere to too rigid a diet, since hunger will only aggravate the problem;
  • drink at least 2 liters of water a day, not counting fruit drinks, juices, green tea and soups. To avoid alcohol, soft drinks, instant coffee, strong black tea;
  • to quit Smoking. The toxins and poisons contained in the resins, slow down the synthesis of new cells and tissue regeneration;
  • to support physical activity. It is very important how you can spend less time at home on the couch, as it further violates the blood circulation. You can engage in gymnastics, swimming, dancing, walking and other strenuous activities;
  • regular beauty treatments increase the chances to restore skin to its former state. It scrubs and peelings, baths, body wraps, contrast showers, different types of massage, hardware procedure, the use of special creams and gels.
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Second, third and fourth stage of cellulite treatment must deal with cosmetologist. Selection of the most effective methods is carried out individually, as they all have contraindications.

A woman can offer:

  • lymphatic drainage is a physiotherapy method of removing excess fluid and toxic substances from the intercellular space. It is held by the hardware galvanization, vacuum, micro-or manual massage;
  • tsellyulolipoliz – splitting and removal of fat by injecting under the skin needles and electric shocks;
  • the lifting of the heat treatment that activates cells in connective tissue fibroblasts, influencing the production of collagen and elastin.
  • ultrasonic massage – breaking fat deposits and removing them from the body together with the decay products of naturally;
  • pressure therapy – effects on the body with compressed air, which reduces swelling, which helps to reduce the volume in problem areas.

If the problem appeared after childbirth

During pregnancy the body and way of life women are subjected to many changes.

Almost all of them aggravate the problem of cellulite:

  • hormonal surges;
  • the slowing of the metabolism;
  • weight gain;
  • lack of physical activity;
  • overeating and reliance on sweets, flour products;
  • delay the removal of liquids and swelling;
  • the lack of vitamins and minerals, especially iodine and magnesium.

Even if before pregnancy and never had any problems with overweight, and the skin was perfectly smooth, 90% of girls changed for 9 months. The good news is that it is a temporary phenomenon that easily disappear after a certain period after childbirth.

The fact that the cells of the connective tissue of the skin of women is more elastic than in men. So nature took care of the ability of the body to carry and give birth to a child. But for the same reason, the adipocytes are not constrained by the frame and the eyeballs may fill with fat, to grow and multiply.

The body tries to defer as much inventory if no longer receiving nutrients from the outside. If a young mother in time to take action and start to care about health, then after the stabilization of hormone levels and metabolism, leave, and signs of orange peel.

If the cellulite it does, it is first important to find out the cause of the discomfort. And only then begin to tackle the cosmetic side of the problem. The choice of effective methods of treatment should be carried out by a doctor.

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For deliverance from pain and gain ease of movement, we need to radically change the way of life. We should not forget that only the complex of measures will help to restore skin elasticity, and the figure appeal.

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To the unsuspecting woman – this may sound logical enough to spend money out of sheer desperation, on one of the many “cure’s for cellulite”… such as…


Ineffective “anti cellulite” products sold through, department stores, retail outlets, by mail order, through multilevel companies, and through the Internet including but not limited to:

At best – some of these approaches may temporarily make the skin feel a little softer and smoother – but in terms of getting rid of the horrendous ripples, bumps and dimples, to give you the freedom to wear attractive swimsuits, dress in cute outfits and enjoy intimate times of being naked without being self conscious… 

The harsh reality is NONE of these money wasting methods get the job done… None of them give you permanent cellulite removal…


 See – there are no “toxins” to remove… This is a complete farce. The fat beneath your skin is exactly the same as the fat on the rest of your body. The BS advertising pitch claiming “you have toxins that build up in your body from the foods you eat and the air you breath – that get trapped in the fat in your mid-body – causing the bumpy skin…” – is a total bunch of trash… 

 Several years ago, Neil Solomon, M.D., conducted a double-blind study of 100 people to see whether “cellulite” differed from ordinary fat. Specimens of regular fat and lumpy fat were obtained by a needle biopsy procedure and given to pathologists for analysis and comparison… 

No differences between the two types of fat samples were found.

 More recently, researchers at Rockefeller Institute used ultrasonography, microscopic examinations, and fat-metabolism studies to see if “cellulite affected” and unaffected skin areas differed in seven healthy adult subjects – five women, two men; four of them “cellulite” affected, three unaffected. 

Not surprisingly – the researchers concluded: (a) certain characteristics of skin make women more prone than men to develop the appearance of “cellulite”; and (b) there were no differences in the appearance or function of the fatty tissue or the regional blood flow between “cellulite” affected and unaffected body areas within these individuals…

 Which brings up the burning question…  The answer will shock you… The truth is… The FDA and other regulatory agencies have minimal authority over the Beauty and Cosmetics Industry – the main reason being that most products or services are intended to simply “enhance” superficial aspects of the female body – mainly hair, nails and the skin on the face and problem areas of the body – all externally superficial… And since most of these types of treatments are “from the outside” – the FDA can just watch from a distance, and basically only get involved if enough complaints are issued by dissatisfied, or injured, women against a specific “anti-cellulite” product or company… The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), however, does do it’s best to regulate and control deceptive advertising practices and underhanded sales tactics. The FTC is the branch of the government that has authority over the advertising and marketing tactics used by companies on it’s targeted market (in this case – women with ‘cellulite’)….  But, sadly, as I mentioned earlier – the rules that these ‘beauty and cosmetic’ companies ‘must follow’ are so flexible that these products can literally be labeled and marketed as “the magical cellulite cure in a bottle”… Unfortunately hundreds of thousands of women fall for these ‘false promises’ and these companies make money hand over fist, all at your expense – fully knowing their product CANNOT get rid of your cellulite… Here’s a perfect example that is sure to make your blood boil… COMPANY “X” (I can’t print the name for legal reasons) is one of the biggest companies in the “cellulite treatment” business – they market a cellulite treatment ‘system’ by the name ‘Firm and Tone’ and ‘Cellulite Solution Regimen’ – which costs about $510.00 PER MONTH, altogether… 

That’s $6,120.00 per year!! ..for some skin moisturizer and a vitamin ‘regimen’!!!…

  Once you read this excerpt from an official Medical Toxicology Report – you’ll be more educated than 99.6% of all other women in the world when it comes to the subject of cellulite… 

RE: Firming & Toning ‘Serums’, Summary and conclusion: – “…contains a who’s who of skin-detrimental ingredients. Firming and Toning Serum skin cream product claims to “minimize body imperfections ranging from cellulite to stretch marks and saggy skin, leaving you proud to show off”.


… I wouldn’t bank on this water and alcohol-based concoction for any amount of body perfection or improvement – either short term or long term… especially when you consider the amount of irritation your skin will experience from the peppermint, menthol, and several fragrant, volatile oils that have no established benefit for skin – again, either short term or long term.


Last but not least, this product also contains esculin, an extracted component of horse chestnut,which is considered toxic and is not recommended for topical application by skin experts and dermatologists.” (Source: Ellenhorns Medical Toxicology: Diagnoses and Treatment of Human Poisoning, 2nd Edition. Baltimore, MD: Williams & Wilkins, 1997)

Its the “no harm – no foul rule”… This means if you choose to buy a cream because you “think” its going to help you – and that cream doesn’t harm you – then that’s OK – even though you didn’t get the promised result you bought the cream for in the first place!! 

Doesn’t that make you furious?

 …And here’s how this big hoax is allowed to continue… One of the reasons is that you have this element of trust and hope inside you – that says “well, if these bottles say it ‘flushes toxins, improves circulation and removes cellulite’ … then it must work or they wouldn’t be allowed to sell this stuff”… …And so you buy it – but as always – it doesn’t work – and you are either too embarrassed to tell anyone or to get your money back for something that didn’t live up to its promise – or EVEN WORSE – you think there is something horribly wrong with you and your body – and YOU BLAME IT ON YOURSELF! None of that is right! …But you’ve sneakily been manipulated into thinking this way – and we are going to put an end to that TODAY… But first… I want you to know there are a few things that I agree with you on, about cellulite… 

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Dana, an old college friend – sent me this email – which would lead me to create the program… …

—- Original Message —–From: [email protected]_______.comTo: joey atlasSubject: old friend needs your help

Date: Nov. 6 12:15 AM

Dear Joey,

I know it’s been a long time but you know how it can be with marriage, kids ‘n work. I hope you guys are all doin well

I’m writing to you about this because I know you’ll give me the complete honest truth and if anyone can help me its gotta be you.

If you remember back in college I had a little bit of cellulite but it wasn’t too bad

Well, after 2 kids my lower body looks horrendus, I mean cellulite everywhere. I’m so embarassed to take the kids to the pool or beach – I even cringe when I get undressed and can’t stand looking at the mirror with my clothes off.

I look great in my jeans or a form fitting skirt but what lies underneath is atrotious and I need to get rid of it, Joey

Making love is not fun or exciting for me and its bothering Tim also, of course. I can’t beleive Im tellin you this but its at that point you know

Joey can I get rid of the cellulite on my butt, hips and thighs with exercise or am I cursed for life? And if so, can you make me a program to get the job done. I will gladly pay you for your time

Either way I know you won’t BS me & you’ll tell it to me straight.

If you think you can help, keep in mind the program needs to be for ‘at home’ use and not be longer than 30 minutes. As a (crazy) ‘busy mom’ my time is limited and, as you know, I’m not the ‘health club’ type.

I hope you can help. Say ‘Hi’ to the family for me.


DanaPS; You probably already know, I’ve tried all the ‘cream’ scams and beauty spa treatments only to prove to myself ‘none of them worked’

—————————————————————–Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone with SprintSpeed

 After I got Dana’s email – I couldn’t sleep for 2 days – partially because I could feel her pain – but more so because I thrive on this type of challenge – and my wheels where turning 24/7 until I drafted the initial anti cellulite exercise routine… Based on past success with various female clients I knew this program was sure to work for Dana but before I sent it to her – I wanted to give this specific routine a ‘test run’… At the time, my sister Marisa was going through a relationship issue – and had fallen off her exercise routine – causing her to develop some cellulite in the butt, hip and thigh area. Getting ‘back into the gym’ was not an option for her because of the mild state of depression she was in – BUT I was able to convince her to follow my cellulite reduction program at home – every other day… She did – and 4 weeks later – she was ecstatic yet baffled… Her cellulite was gone – but being a ‘health club’ regular – she simply couldn’t understand why this approach could work so well – WITHOUT the weights and machines type routines of the health club… You must understand – to my ‘younger’ sister, I’m not a ‘Guru’ – I’m just her ‘older brother’ – but after this eye-opening experience she realized her older brother does indeed hold some ‘Guru’ status…  So she asks… “Joey – there are two older ladies I work with. They’re not really overweight – but they are un-toned and they both have cellulite that they always complain about – can I make copies of the program and give it to them?” I said… “Sure – as long as they promise to follow it as outlined – and keep us posted on the changes…” Marisa replies… “Cool – they will love you for this – you have no idea…” Sure as sunshine – two and half weeks later one of the women, Annette, asked my sister for my number and called me directly to personally thank me for the improvements she had already seen, and to tell me there was no doubt in her mind she would have “at least a 90% reduction of the cellulite before summer…” The other woman, Trish, wasn’t able to start at the same time – due to the flu, but after seeing what the program had done for my sister and Annette – she started as soon as she was back on her feet… …And 5 weeks after starting – she sent me an email of praise and ‘amazement’, as she put it, – to let me know how happy she is with “making her body young again”… She mentioned how everyone told her that her “cellulite was genetic and she would just have to live with it…” Now they all swear she had some ‘surgical procedure’ during vacation time… At this point I know I have the program that is going to get rid of Dana’s cellulite – BUT, I spend another week fine-tuning, and tightening it up a bit – so that she could fit it into her schedule no matter how busy she is… I send her the program with exact photos and instructions – so there is absolutely no guess work and no need for excuses… Dana promises me that she’ll follow the routine and keep me posted… She emails me 2 weeks later asking… “Joey is it possible to see improvements in this short amount of time – or is it just my imagination?” I emailed her back to let her know – “it’s not typical – but, some women do see results quicker than others…” About two and half weeks later, she emails me again… 

“Joey, I don’t know how else to say this, but you’re a F%&*!^G genius, I love you! Oh, and Tim sends his love and “thanks” as well  …


Joey my cellulite is almost totally gone – and I’m getting a nicely toned look THAT I NEVER HAD – even before the kids, HAHAHA!!.

 This is simply amazing. I knew if anyone could help me with this. it must be you… Joey, my friends are all shocked, bordering on jealousy and the women in the mom’s club are totally dying to get their hands on your program so just let me know if I can openly share it or not… And one last thing… Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! You can’t imagine how happy I am now… Tons of hugs,  Dana” I told Dana to keep the printed version of the cellulite reduction program ‘under wraps’ – as I would be making a digital version available via the internet… So what does this mean to you, today? Picture this… It’s been a quick 3.5 weeks since you got started after learning the Truth About Cellulite and you are utterly ecstatic about the changes that have taken place so far… Before bathing, you undress with a smile as you gaze at yourself in the mirror, turning your hips to the side as you run your hand over your firmly lifted buns and tightly smoothed thighs – you absolutely love what you see (and so does your man!) – but it gets better… After you bathe, you dry yourself off – and then grab your favorite moisturizer… You squeeze some lotion into the palm of your hand – you rub the lotion onto both palms – and you begin massaging the lotion into your right upper thigh, hip and buttocks region – working your way down to your knee and calve area… As you do this – you are almost in disbelief about the new firmness and tightness of your entire butt, hip and thigh area… The cellulite is almost gone – and you notice a sexy toning effect from the simple exercises you’ve been doing… You lift your head to look right at the mirror – and the mirror doesn’t lie – as it shows you a true reflection of pure attractiveness… The dimply, bumpy skin has been replaced with gently toned, tightly smoothed and firmly sculpted, tantalizing flesh… You realize everything is getting smoother and tighter… and next… You begin to get dressed and you slip on a cute pair of bikini panties – that perfectly accentuate your silky smooth butt and thighs… You then slip on your favorite little dress that you’ve been afraid to wear for the last few years, you turn away from the mirror – and look over your shoulder to take a good look at your tightly smoothed thighs and legs… 

Just then – your man walks in and says “Sweetheart, whatever you’ve been doing these last few weeks – please promise me you’ll never stop because I just can’t get my eyes off your body!”

 You smile and reply “Don’t worry honey – I have no reason to stop – it’s just so easy to do… But I must warn you – things are gonna get even better… so we’ll be going clothes shopping soon for some more sexy outfits…” He replies, in a near-hypnotic state “Just say the word, babe, and shopping for sexy clothes we go!”  This 22-minute, cellulite reduction method makes it finally happen for you… My female clients have officially named this program… NAKED BEAUTY – “Cellulite Free In 28 Days, Guaranteed” …and here’s what your program does for you… 

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 Here’s why it works:

The anatomical illustration below shows you the two primary types of skin:

Bumpy Skin ------- Smooth Skin

1) ‘Bumpy Cellulite Skin’ on the left… and… 2) ‘Tightly Smoothed Skin’ on the right

 The pink area just below the skin surface (epidermis) is the deeper layer called the ‘dermis’. Below the dermis, shaded in a yellowish tone is subcutaneous (under the skin) fat. We all have this fat under our skin – without it we would die… some people just have more of it than others… What is not shown in the side by side comparison image above is the layer just beneath the yellowish fat layer – which is the muscle layer… 

If that image gave us an expanded view – we would see a dark red layer of muscle tissue at the bottom of both pictures… exactly like this image below…


Supportive Muscle Layer (At Bottom)

This muscle layer at the bottom is where the cellulite reduction ‘magic’ takes place…

 We all have this muscle layer just below the subcutaneous fat – without it – you would not be able to move or function… When these muscles are not stimulated properly – they get soft and limp and ‘deflated’. Most people commonly refer to this as being ‘mushy’ or ‘flabby’… When these muscles in your cellulite zones are soft, limp and un-toned – it allows your skin and the fat layer to also be soft and limp and uneven… causing the skin to ‘dimple’ and pucker – hence giving you the appearance of “cellulite” – or the ‘orange-peel’ effect… 

BUT – when you stimulate these muscles properly – you cause them to firm-up, even-out and create a smoothing effect on the outermost layer of your skin – the layer that you see when you look in the mirror naked…

 In essence you are simply getting your muscles to tone-up and ‘push-out’ against your skin so it is pulled tightly and evenly around everything underneath it, such as the deeper layer of the dermis, the subcutaneous fat and the connective tissue…  It’s very simple… Weights and machines disperse the ‘resistance’ stimulus (or force) throughout the major muscles, tendons, ligaments and the joints of a certain area or body region being worked… At best – this approach will result in some strengthening and maybe some added muscle bulk in the large muscles… 

But this traditional “gym methodology” completely misses the mark when it comes to the focused and intentional reduction of cellulite in the lower body of a woman…

 And here’s the reason why… The small muscles directly beneath the cellulite areas – DO NOT get adequately stimulated to bring about the desired effect of ‘firming-up and ‘pushing-out’ on the cellulite specific areas which results in the ‘tightly smoothed’ look… The missing element in most “exercise” approaches is Multi-Dimensional body movements. Typical gym/fitness center routines are only 2-Dimensional, as all movements are very rigid and pre-guided according to the machine or the single joint isolation exercise being performed… 

By getting rid of the “weights and machines” approach to cellulite reduction – we can then focus on properly targeted, natural body-weight movements WHICH DO give you Synergistic Muscle Layer Stimulation… Called “SYMULAST” for short…

Synergistic Muscle Layer Stimulation-Called “SYMULAST” for short.

This photo shows what most of your lower-body muscle structure looks like (and keep in mind- this is ONLY the front view!): 

90 Muscles In Female Lower Body Zone

All of those muscles in your lower body need proper stimulation to be firmly lifted, toned and shapely. 

Without the right stimulation they ALL get “deflated”, flat, mushy and un-toned (Muscular Atrophy is the physiological term). This causes the appearance of the cellulite bumps, dimples and lumps…

 This sounds simple because it actually really is… and… By now I think you’ll agree I’ve given you a lot of helpful information for putting your ‘soon to be history’ cellulite condition into better perspective… 

But even more so – I know you understand the main reasons why your cellulite issues will soon be replaced with the gorgeous, irresistible body you know you can have… Just like these lucky ladies…

——– Original Message ——–

Subject: Re: my personal success and a “thank you” (thighs & butt cellulite)From: Sonia T.Date: Thu, March 03, 4:19 amTo: Joey Atlas Hello Joey and team I just wanted to say that I have been doing the programme for about 4 weeks .. 3 to 4 times a week and have noticed cellulite reduction already. I am not a big person (61kg) and about 5’4 but was unhappy with the way my lower body was heading. The cellulite was getting worse and worse. Your targeted program, coupled with sensible eating since New Years Day, means I can now fit back into my ‘benchmark’ jeans that I am happiest in and am getting compliments on my butt as my shape has changed for the better.. wonderful as I am 59 years old.. eek!! I also use an exercycle for additional training.. am thinking of investing in your upper body programme as well as I currently use dumbbells to ward off the dreaded tuckshop lady arms.. …I have paid heaps in the past for gym membership… but never again. Thanks.. Sonia

PS- I also enjoy your motivational emails

——– Original Message ——–Subject: thank you!From: kathleen fredrickDate: Wed, March 02, 4:37 amTo: joey – truthaboutcellulite Joey, I am not one to post reviews or send in testimonials but I felt it was necessary after its only been 3 1/2 weeks with your naked beauty anti-cellulite program, and I wanted to thank you for utilizing your knowledge about muscles for the benefit of womens trouble spots. The ironic thing about my situation is that I didnt develop cellulite until about 6 months ago. Im 22 years old, very athletic, and have always enjoyed incorporating exercise into my life. Throughout my first three years in college, I went threw the normal highs and lows but always took good care of my body and what I consumed for the most part. When I hit my senior year alot of negative experiences occured, (I emphasize alot) for about 6 months; I was at a very low period. I didnt know how to deal with it so I took away the one thing I could always control; my image. I quit working out, drink ALOT, and ate fast food way too frequently. My body began to slowly transform from 114 lbs to about 140lbs after 6 months. As I progressively began to buy bigger jeans and look in the mirror, I was shocked to see the amount of cellulite I had in such little time, and it was getting worse by the week. This was a slap in the face for me! So, I did extensive research and started to spend 90 mins in the gym a day ( I live too close to the beach so I had to fix my legs..lol); trying to”run” my cellulite away and go back to having perfect legs. But even pushing myself so hard didn%u2019t work because I was doing the wrong things. It was all overkill without fixing the problem. Thats when I decided to give your naked beauty routine a chance and Im fortunate to say that your program was the first and last Ill ever need. (make note; I was VERY skeptical before I got started with your routine). As I am about to get my BS in Kinesiology specializing in OT; I was very impressed with the simpleness yet effectiveness of your program. This made alot of sense to me after doing the exercises that most of the cardio will not benefit you until you target the areas needed. The plan/time areas was thought out while the sequence of the exercises are right on. 

To get to my point, I have been pretty consistent and did cheat a few days but stuck with it and only did the exercises one set for the reps listed. Its been less than 4 weeks and the cellulite is so close to being gone that I had to write you! My only regret is not taking pictures 

 Sorry for this extensive never ending email but I just wanted to say  “Thank You!!!” 

– kathleen fredrick


So… You’ve seen why the bogus body wraps, fake creams, phony potions can’t work, and why women are allowed to be continuously ripped off… You’ve seen how women from all walks of life are getting rid of their ‘cellulite’, without killing themselves ‘in the gym’ – or following some cockamamie diet… You’ve seen how in just 24-28 days these women are experiencing visible, definite results, without risking thousands of dollars on risky surgery that IS NEVER guaranteed, without wasting money and time on scams and rip-offs – and without taking chances on things that can make your cellulite even worse… Now what about you? Your wait is over, baby… Here’s what you get…

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Naked Beauty-Symulast Online Video Version

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Naked Beauty-Symulast Method Printable PDF Version

3: Personal Naked Beauty-Symulast Schedule:Printable PDF Version

Personal Naked Beauty-Symulast Schedule

4: Naked Beauty Cardio Cheat-Sheet:Printable PDF Version

Naked Beauty Cardio Cheat-Sheet Printable PDF Version

5: The Cellulite Files – e-Newsletter

The Cellulite Files - e-Newsletter

6: Long Term Naked Beauty Maintenance andCellulite Prevention Schedule

Naked Beauty Maintenance and Cellulite Prevention Schedule

Start Getting Rid of Cellulite now

Naked Beauty Symulast Method: Flat-Sexy Stomach Video

Naked Beauty Symulast Method: Tightly-Toned Arms Video

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Naked Beauty / Symulast Method Package

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Naked Beauty Symulast Method: Order form preview

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Fix the Problem Now; Before It Gets Worse

Nicki's Cellulite Reduction Photos After Only 3 Weeks

Hi Joey, 

I have attached some pics of proof for you. The first 3 are photos I took 3 weeks ago before I started your program. The next 3 (black G-string) are photos I took today, just 3 weeks into the program.

I have been doing the program every other day for 3 weeks. I hope the pics show the dramatic changes that I am seeing in the mirror and feeling. I definately notice a difference in the shape and texture of my legs and my buns and thighs. I definately have less cellulite on my lower body. 

Joey I really want to take this moment to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have really opened my eyes. I now feel armed with all of the knowledge about cellulite and why I had it.

I am no longer going to be the woman sucked in by any gimmick or sales pitch relating to cellulite. It really amazes me how much BS there is about cellulite. It is so disgusting that so many companies prey on us vulnerable women to get us to buy their product, which THEY know themselves will NOT work. 

I have been fighting the cellulite battle for as long as I can remember and you Joey have been the only person who has given me the right tools and information to win this battle.

I now know I will win the battle because in such a short time I am already experiencing changes in my lower body. My inner thighs are firmer and smaller, my bottom is lifting and so are my legs…..literally lifting, it is an amazing feeling. I am already fitting into clothes that I haven’t been able to for years, and all this is happening at the age of 41 and AFTER 2 children! The odd thing is I have always been fit and healthy, going to the gym for the last 20 years, lifting weights and following gym programs; BUT I have had a more noticeable change in only 3 weeks with your program than I have ever seen with doing weights and machines for 20 odd years. It might sound crazy to some, but it’s true no matter which way you cut it. 

As I told you I am canceling my gym membership because I know I am better off doing your precise program at home. I had been doing your program at my gym for the last 3 weeks and one of the trainers said to me and I quote “Nicki why are you doing those exercises instead of your weights. You won’t tone your body doing those exercises, you need to do weights.”


It was at that moment that I made my final decision to say goodbye to the gym. That trainer has no idea how way off base she is. And the sad thing is, this happens every day in gyms all over the world.

 To put it into perspective I was paying $80 per month for my gym membership before I decided to quit. The decision was easy. Not to mention all the money I will now save by not buying all the ineffective cellulite creams, lotions and gimmicks. I am more than happy to spread the word about you Joey and your program. If there are any women out there who want to improve their body shape and get rid their cellulite forever then I would not hesitate to tell them to use your unique program. I would also be happy Joey to keep you up to date with my future progress and send you more updated photos every few weeks to show my progress. I have also included a photo of my face so you can put a face to my name and lower body, lol. I hope this helps Joey, because women do need to hear this. You may use my pics for the website for women to see with their own eyes. You have me addicted and I am telling all of my friends to check you out and get onboard. Keep smiling, ~Nicki 

P.S. The first 2 photos are attached to this email (before I started) and the other email has the other photos (3 weeks into the program). The files were too big to send in one email.

“…I saw cellulite on the back of my legs and butt! I panicked!”

—–Original Message—–From: “n_n” [email protected]_________.comTo: “Joey”Sent: 6/26 4:08 AMSubject: Re: Anti-Cellulite Workout Hi Joey, I never wrote any product reviews or feedbacks in my whole life…but here I just have to… Ok. here is my story. I have always been in a pretty good shape even though never really worked out and been to a gym just once; BUT couple months ago I noticed that my jeans did not fit like before and i saw cellulite on the back of my legs and butt! I panicked! Summer was coming. I have an office job and barely get up from my chair during a day…here is the result. I started looking for a gym in my area but most of them do not offer any classes and I just hate treadmill and any other machines; plus i dont really have much time b/w my job and school. So i gave up the gym idea and decided to just do it at home. I bought a dvd-pilates-and hated it. I had to use that rubber pilates band which was really uncomfortable; it even slipped and hit me couple times in a face. I had a good laugh. Then i decided to browse google for “cellulite reduction”….I wasnt gonna buy any creams or do any expensive wrap sessions…I just wanted to see what is out there. I found your program… and I couldn’t wait to get started. After the first few times i could feel and see the results. I knew it was working!…i could feel muscles that i never thought ever moved…especially my inner thighs, back of my legs and right under the butt cheeks. The best thing i was not sore that bad! Anyways, i am on week 4 and my butt looks like from Victoria Secret catalog :)) well almost–but its only been a month! It’s so easy to fit in my schedule and I am addicted to it. My best friend can’t believe her eyes and she’s ordering your program today. You are a life saver, Joey. 

Natalya Nam

 Act on your female intuition right now and take direct, GUARANTEED, action at finally eliminating your cellulite, ensuring you look more like the photo on the left, and if not, even BETTER… Since you are still reading this report – It’s clear that you need ‘NAKED BEAUTY’ – and it’s no coincidence or ‘accident’ that you ended up finding this program. 

Set Yourself FREE - Be Cellulite-Free

 You know how the saying goes… “Timing is everything…” You know what you need to do… So, just to review – here’s everything included in your program…  1) NAKED BEAUTY Streaming Online Video Version2) NAKED BEAUTY PDF/printable version with photos and instructions3) Your Personal Cellulite Removal Exercise Schedule4) ‘Top Secret’ Anti-Cellulite Cardio Instructions5) Flat Sexy Stomach Routine: 9-Minute Online Streaming Video6) Tightly Toned Arms: 8-Minute Online Streaming Video7) Free Life-Time Subscription to ‘The Cellulite Files’8) Life-Time Anti Cellulite Prevention and Maintenance Cheat-Sheet9) 60-Day ‘NAKED BEAUTY’ Guarantee: Your Cellulite is Gone or Your Money Back

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Joey Atlas - The Cellulite Slayer

M.S. – Exercise PhysiologyFounder of TruthAboutCellulite.comCreator of ‘NAKED BEAUTY’ – The Symulast Method 

P.S.: If you like the way you look with your clothes on – but hate how you look when naked – then this program is perfect for you. Remember it’s not a weight loss/diet program or a soup-to-nuts ‘gym program’… It’s specifically designed to eliminate your cellulite so you look and feel totally sexy with or without your clothes on…


P.P.S.: I know you’ve been deceived, misled and let-down in the past – and this is one of the main reasons I decided to put this program together. I know this will help you beyond your wildest expectations – and because I want to help you I’m taking all the risk with such a rock bottom special price and a guarantee that sets you up for surefire success in getting rid of your cellulite…


The next step is yours. Just click the ‘Add to Cart’ button, claim your spot, and get started today in your Private Client Access Area… Once you process your fully secure transaction you’ll be taken to a private section on this site where you’ll gain private access to your program and all the items listed above…



The Little Dirty Secret of the Female Athlete: Cellulite

It’s time I got something off my chest. I have a secret. It’s one I’ve been trying to cover it up since I was about thirteen. Until recently I was ashamed of it. In fact, I can’t truly say it doesn’t still make me a little embarrassed.

I always felt that if anyone found out my secret they would think I was not the person they believed me to be. I felt that my secret would lead them to believe I was fat, lazy, unfit, gross, and unattractive, or unlovable. What is this awful secret?

I have cellulite.

I’ve had cellulite since I was thirteen. I’m not talking about one or two dimples either. I have a sizeable amount of the dimply stuff on the upper part of my posterior thighs. My left side is much worse than my right. I know this because for the last twenty years of my life I have thought about, looked at, evaluated, and schemed about how to get rid of this stuff every single day of my life. Every. Single. Day.

This obsession, along with other body image problems and probably a genetic predisposition, led me to anorexia and bulimia. But guess what? It didn’t work. Even at my thinnest, which was a frail 90lbs, I still had a few dimples on my thighs.

Why was I so obsessed? Why did cellulite drive me to such lengths? Because every “fit” woman I ever saw in a magazine or on TV was completely devoid of the stuff. Every form of marketing and media made it seem as if only fat, unfit women had cellulite. Even the magazine geared toward women who lifted weights told me that if I got lean enough and lifted enough weights I should be able to get rid of the cottage cheese on my legs. Therefore, everyday when I twisted and contorted my body in the mirror, trying to see if my legs were smoother, I was disappointed to see the dimples were still there.

I was still unworthy of the title of “fit.” I was not good enough for a fitness magazine. I wasn’t fit enough to wear shorts or a bathing suit. I was unacceptable.

I know there are countless others who understand these feelings of embarrassment, shame, and frustration. That’s why I’m writing this article; I want us all to understand what cellulite really is and why it is not an indicator of your fitness. I want to rid you of the idea that you shouldn’t even think about wearing a pair of booty shorts to work out in if you are anything less than perfectly smooth. I want to dispel the myth that you need dimple-free legs and a smooth butt to be considered fit.

What Is Cellulite?

Cellulite really has everything to do with the structure of our skin. The outermost layer of the skin is called the epidermis. Directly below the epidermis is the dermis, which contains things like hair follicles, sweat glands, and connective tissue. Under this is the first of two subcutaneous/fat layers. When this first layer of fat protrudes into the dermis, it causes the dimpling appearance we refer to as cellulite.

Women who have cellulite tend to have connective tissue that is arranged differently. The connective tissue forms chamber-like structures that cause or encourage fat to bulge upward and outward into the dermis. Areas like women’s thighs and buttocks are especially prone to cellulite because that’s where we tend to store body fat. Men and the few women who do not develop cellulite have connective tissue that encourages fat to expand laterally and internally but not out into the dermis. So, a man’s thighs might have just as much adipose tissue, but he has what amounts to compression stockings over the top of the fat layer, whereas a woman has a pair of fishnets lying over her first layer of adipose. These structural differences have been confirmed with MRI, sonogram, and wedge biopsies. There is no getting around it - cellulite and the structure of the skin in cellulite-prone areas are simply different and something you cannot control.

Cellulite and the Female Athlete

I bet you’re still wondering why some women - even thin, lean athletic women - tend to have lots of cellulite and their female counterparts do not. Genetics, my friend. If your connective tissue is put together differently than your friend’s, your skin is going to look different. Just like skin color, hair, and height are all genetically determined, so is your predisposition to cellulite. That’s right, Mother Nature decides if you are to be dimple free or not.

She must find the dimples cute because 85-98% of post-pubertal females have cellulite. Yes! That means almost all women have cellulite.

That’s a hard pill to swallow for a lot of us, including myself. Really? My cellulite is not my fault? These dimples don’t signal to the world that I’m a fatty? No. No. And No.

It helped me to look at some studies and to really understand the structure of cellulite. Facts, research, and studies have shown us that cellulite isn’t a disease or problem of the obese. It’s normal. In fact, it is quite possible to be very lean, very fit, very athletic, and still have cellulite.

To that end, I present to you exhibit A. This is what I have deemed my body mullet: abs in the front, cellulite in the back. If you’re not laughing right now you must have missed out on the 80’s. Have someone explain “hockey hair” to you. No, I am not saying I am ripped. I’m not. I’ve certainly been leaner (still had the dimples though). But, I am fit. I eat a healthy diet. I am the strongest I’ve ever been in my entire life. I can see my abs. And I have cellulite.

My DNA is such that my connective tissues allow my fat layer to bulge. So what. I also have grey-blue eyes, frizz-prone hair, broad shoulders, and a stubborn streak. None of those things make me ashamed or embarrassed. Neither should my cellulite.

I’m not saying you have to love the appearance of your cellulite, and I’m also not saying you should abandon your fitness routine or healthy eating because it isn’t going to “fix” your dimples. No, I encourage you to keep working out and keep eating well. Keep doing what makes you feel good and what you enjoy. But do it in shorts. Do it in bikini bottoms. Screw trying to hide the dimples. That’s like someone with freckles trying desperately to cover them all up with makeup or someone with a big nose trying to hide behind their hair.

Stop worrying that everyone will think you’re not fit. It’s time to show everyone what real, fit, athletic women look like. We are not the airbrushed “perfection” of fitness magazine myth. We are all different, unique, and we come in different shapes, colors, and sizes. And most of us are probably rocking a few dimples.

Photos 1&2 courtesy of Shutterstock.


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